Medical Insurance

Group health plans and workers comp may not provide the protection and immediate service the business traveler needs. The Medical Insurance program takes care of outpatient and in-patient costs. Medical Insurance plans operate in two basic ways. One is on reimbursement basis while the other is on direct settlement basis.. 

The direct settlement schemes provide a cashless facility whereby no money has to be paid by the insured (but for the agreed excess) for treatment. If the reimbursement basis is opted for then the patient settles the bills/ invoices with the concerned clinic/ hospital / pharmacy and puts in papers to claim reimbursement.

Medical insurance is full of ifs, buts and exclusions. It is very important that you are aware of all such extensions and provisions. There are options to buy back many of the exclusions.

Arya is authorized by HAAD (Health Authority-Abu Dhabi) to participate as insurance broker in the health insurance scheme of Abu Dhabi.Wider scope can be achieved at better rates through us.

Contact us for the special Mediplus+ Medical Insurance plan.