Trade Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance protects your business against both commercial and political risks that are beyond your control. It improves the quality of your business and helps you to grow profitably, minimizing the risk of sudden or unexpected customer insolvencies. Credit insurance gives you the confidence to extend trade credit to new customers. It also improves access to funding, often at more competitive rates. Trade credit insurance is for short-term account receivables, due within 12 months.

Credit insurance protects your company against the failure of your customers to pay trade credit debts owed to you. These debts can arise following a customer becoming insolvent or failing to pay within the agreed terms and conditions .

Throughout the lifetime of the policy, we inform you of any changes that might impact the financial health of your buyers and their ability to pay you for goods or services you have delivered. If your buyer cannot or will not pay you, you will be insured and indemnified up to the limit of your policy. We can also manage the collection of the debt for you if/should the need arise.