Legal Malpractices Insurance

The top of the list of things a lawyer might need to fret about is the demon lurking on the fringe of any client matter — the risk that the attorney, no matter how talented she is, will make a mistake and be liable for it.

For a certain segment of the universe, understanding the minutiae of an insurance policy is not what we believe we were put on this planet to do. And yet, legal malpractice insurance is something that, at the very least, every lawyer should think about, probably pursue, and understand the intricacies of — because you really don’t want to end up a dolt on the losing end of a legal action with your insurer over coverage.

This is not the sort of thing that even the friendliest of colleagues typically likes to mention. Increased premiums due to an egregious error on the part of an attorney that did not sit well with a client tend not to be fodder for casual conversations with contemporaries, especially ones who happen to be competitors