The only PRODUCT we actually have is "INSURANCE PROFESSIONALISM"

However, we are familiar with ALL the insurance products sold in the market. AIBC considers these products as 'well conditioned promissory notes' for the transfer of these risks. These products are designed by the insurers in their own language from their own point of view. When we go to purchase them for our clients, we look at them from our client's point of interests and would do our best to make sure that our client's risks are transferred to the insurer up to the intended extend.

Our services as a professional insurance consultant/broker are to be on OUR CLIENTS' side for all following services:

  • To assist them to recognize and identify the "insurable risks" for you,
  • To design the widest possible wording for these risks in order to transfer the entire exposures,
  • Seek the lowest possible rates for transfer of these risks from local and international markets,
  • To assist them in making decision whether it is more economical to self-insure or pay the cost of transfer,
  • Execute their decision when they decide to transfer,
  • Apply our scrutiny in making sure that the documentations issued by the insurers actually are as per our joint expectations and requirements,
  • Be on their side at the time of any losses and make sure that their personnel abide by the conditions of the insurance policies and submit the right documents to insurers,
  • Last but not least, follow up collection of their claims so that they receive their rightful claims as soon as possible